Chris Christie Says No To Running Third Party

Chris Christie Says No To Running Third Party

( – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie previously ran for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Yet, when it became clear that he wouldn’t beat former President Donald Trump, he dropped out of the race. Recently, rumblings suggested he might consider a third-party run, but he has since put the kibosh on those rumors.

In a statement to The Washington Post on Wednesday, March 27, Christie said he’s grateful for “the encouragement… to pursue a third-party candidacy” but would decline the offer. He said he didn’t see No Labels as “the way forward,” particularly if there was a chance his “candidacy, in any way, shape or form, would help Donald Trump become president again.”

Christie didn’t make the decision lightly. He and his team polled 13 states to determine the likelihood of winning. However, the decision became a no-brainer when surveys revealed that a third-party candidate would need to win 20 to 25 states.

Additionally, Christie knew he made the right decision when he considered several significant obstacles, including getting on the ballots, fundraising enough to have an impactful campaign, and the very real possibility of drawing votes from President Joe Biden in what’s already deemed a tight race. He remains adamant that he would “in no way[…] enable Donald Trump” to regain the White House. He made it clear he felt the stakes were too high for the nation for him to gamble on a third-party run.

The former governor’s denial leaves No Labels with a very short timeframe to nominate someone, but those associated with the organization won’t choose someone just to be in the race. They would rather not move forward.

Other candidates that No Labels sought out but who turned down the new party include Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), former Lieutenant Governor of Georgia Geoff Duncan (R), and former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R).

The No Labels party has given itself an April 1 deadline to present a viable candidate.

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