Check Your Pantry for Recalled Protein Bars

Check Your Pantry for Recalled Protein Bars

( – Food recalls are nothing new. In fact, they happen quite often. A manufacturer might recall a product because of a defect or a food item because of an unlisted allergen or potential contamination. The FDA tracks these recalls to help protect consumer safety. A company recently issued an alert about one of its protein bars, warning customers of a possible contaminant.

On November 28, Doctors Scientific Organica issued a company announcement. It voluntarily recalled three batches of its triple chocolate almond Burn Boot Camp Afterburn Grass-Fed Whey Protein Bars in 60-gram packages. Customers contacted the company, alerting them to a potential hazard. According to the release, the bars could potentially contain parchment paper, pieces of a disposable hairnet, and shrink wrap, which could present a choking hazard or cause gastrointestinal injury.

The company sold the bars both online and in Burn Bootcamp stores around the country. The three lot numbers affected by the recall are 181, 184, and 187. Customers can find this identifier either on the bottom of the box the bars came in or on the individual packaging itself.

The recall advises those with bars bearing those lot numbers to return them to the store where they bought them for a full refund or throw them away. People should not consume them.

Doctors Scientific Organica says it is working closely with the FDA and will fully cooperate with the agency. It also issued an apology to its customers and said, “The quality, safety, and integrity of [its] products remain [its] number one priority.” To date, no customers have reported injuries or illnesses resulting from the possible contamination.

Consumers can keep up to date on all types of food recalls by regularly visiting the FDA safety page. There, they can find a variety of recall categories in addition to food, including drugs, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. The table lists all recalls to date, the company, and the reason.

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