Biden Talks With Xi Jinping for the First Time Since November

Biden Talks With Xi Jinping for the First Time Since November

( – Tensions between the United States and China are nothing new. The countries’ respective leaders have exchanged barbs in the media. Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping last met in November 2023, when they held a “candid and constructive discussion” about several global matters. The pair spoke again recently and touched on several key issues affecting the world today.

The two world leaders’ call occurred on Tuesday, April 2. According to a White House readout, discussion topics included artificial intelligence (AI), climate change, military-to-military communication, counternarcotics cooperation, and people-to-people exchanges.

During the conversation, which lasted more than 100 minutes, Biden brought up Taiwan, reminding Xi of the US stance on peace and stability in the region. It has been a significant point of contention between the two. Then, maintaining the spirit of the topic regarding global conflict, the president also mentioned his concern over China’s support of Russia’s military-industrial base.

Xi was open during the call, as well, calling into question the need for US sanctions on his country’s technological advancements and development. He cautioned that China would not “sit back and watch.” He warned that his government would react. However, Xi commented that tensions between the two nations have eased since the pair met in November.

Still, the leaders maintain conflicting stances on a number of topics, such as TikTok, which Xi raised. The House recently passed a measure to force the platform’s company, ByteDance, to divest. It’s currently under consideration in the Senate.

A senior US official explained the leaders used periodic calls like this one mainly to touch base on mutual agreements made last year. One commitment included staying in touch and “maintain[ing] regular open lines of communications” to de-escalate and minimize tensions between the nations. However, periodic teleconferences likely won’t yield new agreements. Officials said no big announcements are forthcoming, per the Financial Times.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have each scheduled upcoming trips to China.

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