Biden Takes Aim at Putin, Trump During Remarks

Biden Takes Aim at Putin, Trump During Remarks

( – At a recent event, President Joe Biden made some comments directed at both former President Donald Trump and Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday, February 21, Biden attended a fundraiser in San Francisco, where he largely focused on the climate agenda. However, things took quite a turn when he decided to tie Putin to climate change in a weird way. He called the Russian leader “crazy” and said there was always a concern of nuclear war, “but the existential threat to humanity is climate,” according to POLITICO.

Biden didn’t miss the chance to take a shot at the former president, either. He addressed Trump’s statement that his recent court judgment is “a form of Navalny,” a political persecution of sorts. Biden told the crowd that if he’d made those comments “10 to 15 years ago … you’d all think I should be committed.” He also took aim at the modern Republican Party, saying it had lost its “American moral center.” Additionally, he told the attendees that he has to win the election this year because “democracy is at stake.”

While he did eventually circle back to the climate agenda, his comments left a sour taste in a few peoples’ mouths, namely his intended targets.

Both Trump and Putin clapped back at the president. The former president’s campaign said Biden is the one who belongs in a psychiatric facility, while the Kremlin took a more sarcastic approach. According to reports, Putin said the president’s insult was “rude,” but he understood that since he endorsed Biden for a second term, the incumbent really couldn’t say, “good boy, thank you, you helped me a lot.” However, his spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, said the president “is demonstrating Hollywood cowboy-style behavior to serve domestic political interests.”

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