Biden Signs New Executive Order Concerning AI

Biden Signs New Executive Order Concerning AI

( – The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to many concerns about how people might use programs and whether the resulting information is reliable and safe. Many companies have adopted some form of AI, and it’s been an eye-opening experience. However, the growth potential has some lawmakers concerned, and it’s become a regular discussion topic in Congress. Now, the White House has also addressed the issue.

The Executive Order

On Monday, October 30, President Joe Biden signed an executive order — the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence. The order addresses several components regarding AI implementation.

Putting safety first, the EO requires AI system developers who could impact national security to notify the federal government when training the model and share their safety test results. This safeguard will ensure the systems are secure, trustworthy, and safe before making them available to the public. Additionally, the EO directs the Department of Commerce to create guidance for authenticating content and clearly watermarking AI-generated subject matter.

One of the main risks with AI is inadvertently risking American citizens’ private data. Biden is calling on Congress “to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation to protect all Americans, especially kids.” This legislation would include support for creating privacy-preserving techniques and evaluating their effectiveness.

Equity and civil rights are part of the EO, as well. The White House acknowledged algorithmic discrimination could occur. A study by Stanford researchers recently found that chatbots and AI features are perpetuating racism. The civil rights and equity portion of the directive extends to the criminal justice system, landlords, federal contractors, and federal benefits programs.

Promotes Innovation

While most of the EO focuses on regulating and harnessing the power of AI, it also addresses the innovations that emerge from it. The executive order calls for Congress to create the National AI Research Resource to help promote competition. Through this tool, the federal government can issue grants on topics of notable concern, such as climate change and healthcare. The pilot tool would also benefit the US in terms of research by streamlining the process of attracting those who have the expertise needed to study, work, and remain in the US by helping them secure the proper work permits.

The White House plans to appoint a special counsel to carry out the directive and achieve its goals. The EO has set milestones for deliverables within 90 days, 270 days, and a year.

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