Biden Mixes Up Leaders’ Names Multiple Times in Single Week

Biden Mixes Up Leaders' Names Multiple Times in Single Week

( – During recent speaking events, President Joe Biden mixed up leaders’ names more than once, and the errors have drawn quite a bit of attention.

The first mishap happened on Sunday, February 4, when Biden was speaking at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada. He described a G7 summit he attended shortly after his inauguration in 2021. He said he went to the meeting, “sat down and said, ‘America is back!’ And Mitterrand from Germany — I mean France — looked at me and said, ‘How long you back for?’” In fact, François Mitterrand was once the president of France but died in 1996. Emmanuel Macron is the current French leader.

The blunders didn’t stop there, though. On Wednesday, February 7, Biden was attending a series of New York fundraisers when he started discussing his conversations with leaders at the same G7 summit. This time, he said he spoke with Helmut Kohl, who asked what his response would be if people stormed the British Parliament trying to stop an election, killing officers on the way. Yet again, the problem was that Kohl died several years ago in 2017. Chancellor Angela Merkel led Germany at the time of the G7 meeting he described.

While Biden’s gaffes have gained significant attention, he’s not the only one slipping up on the campaign trail. During a campaign rally last month, former President Donald Trump, in an attempt to blame former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for the slip-up in Capitol Hill security on January 6, 2021, instead blamed his only remaining opponent, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Biden has faced increased scrutiny on both sides of the aisle due to his age and his ability to serve as President. Biden is currently 80, and Trump is 77.

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