Biden Grows Cold to Israel’s Approach in Gaza

Biden Grows Cold to Israel's Approach in Gaza

( – Israel has relentlessly pursued Hamas since the militant group launched its surprise attack on October 7. While the US continues to remain supportive of the Jewish state, relations are becoming strained. President Joe Biden recently criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On April 3, Biden sat down with Univision and recorded an interview that aired on April 9. Interviewer Enrique Acevedo questioned the president about Netanyahu’s handling of the war in Gaza. Biden said the prime minister needed to do better at providing aid to civilians in Gaza. According to the US leader, Netanyahu’s efforts to date were “not enough.” He called on the country to provide another truck-accessible entry point to increase the amount of aid, supplies, and basic necessities that relief organizations could deliver to those displaced by Israel’s offensive.

When Acevedo asked Biden about Netanyahu’s priorities — critics have accused the Israeli prime minister of putting his political career over the country — the president replied he disagreed with the prime minister’s methods. “What he’s doing is a mistake,” he noted. However, Biden’s opinion hasn’t stopped Netanyahu from pushing forward with his goal to achieve “total victory” by wiping out Hamas from Gaza and the Western Bank.

Biden’s comments came after Israel Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire on a convoy of World Central Kitchen vehicles carrying seven aid workers who were delivering aid to the citizens of the war-torn region. The IDF later blamed “errors in decision-making” for the “grave mistake.” Biden called the IDF’s actions “outrageous.”

The president has called on Israel to agree to a cease-fire for “the next six, eight weeks” to allow Gazan citizens “total access to all food and medicine going into the country.” Netanyahu rigidly opposes pausing the IDF’s pursuit of Hamas forces.

Then, there’s the issue of Hamas reportedly holding more than 100 hostages in captivity. Jonathan Dekel-Chen, whose son is among them, said he’s not sure whether Netanyahu is working to rescue them or if he’s solely focused on his pursuit of Hamas. The father asserted that Israel’s efforts “should not cause sacrifice” for those in captivity.

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