Biden, Boebert Take Jabs at Each Other

Biden, Boebert Take Jabs at Each Other

( – It’s not uncommon for members of the Republican and Democratic Parties to take snipes at each other. In fact, it happens quite regularly. When President Joe Biden visited Colorado recently, he and controversial figure Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) exchanged verbal blows.

Throughout his tenure so far, Biden has made no bones about wanting to implement green energy initiatives. To that effect, he visited The Centennial State on Wednesday, November 29, where he toured a CS Wind plant. CS Wind is a Korean company located in Boebert’s district that produces turbines. While there, he gave a speech about the administration’s investment in America agenda through the Infrastructure Act, which allows turbine companies to expand.

Biden acknowledged that CS Wind plans to expand by investing $400 million into the Pueblo, Colorado plant. The money is going toward growing its facility and doubling production. The company expects to produce 850 jobs. However, he made sure to let the crowd know that Boebert, who “voted against the law that made these investments and jobs possible,” wasn’t responsible for any of the growth. When he first spoke her name, he made the sign of the cross, eliciting laughter from the audience.

The president pointed out that the very legislation that Boebert called a “massive failure” was responsible for the jobs and growth. Then he turned those words on her and said the way she and her Republican colleagues think is the “massive failure.”

Boebert, not one to miss getting in a jab at the president, took to X, formerly Twitter, to take a snipe at him on the same day.. She said Biden’s visit to her state was a “break from his lavish vacations” and that he should be apologizing “for his all-out war on fossil fuels,” which has “cost the great people of Colorado’s 3rd District dearly.” She then said he should help her get her legislation passed, which she said would create “1,000 new jobs” while lamenting his “Bidenomics,” which she claimed in another post was “costing every American $11,000 more” this year.

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