Biden Announces Funding for Major Rail Projects

Biden Announces Funding for Major Rail Projects

( – Millions of people rely on trains for transportation each year. They use it as a travel option, with Amtrak and other lines offering trips between cities or to commute to and from work instead of driving. With many other countries soaring ahead of the US in terms of railway speed and reliability, there’s a lot of catching up to do. To that end, President Joe Biden recently announced a multi-billion dollar package to improve and establish new railroads.

Biden visited Las Vegas to announce the plan, which includes $8.2 billion to fund 10 major rail projects nationwide. The administration expects the money to go towards two completely new railroads, plus upgrades to several others.

According to the White House’s Fact Sheet, the US plans to develop the nation’s first “high-speed rail projects.” The Brightline West High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail System Project would create a system traveling between California and Nevada. Experts project the system could serve 11 million people yearly. It carries an estimated cost of up to $3 billion.

Next, the California Inaugural High-Speed Rail Service Project would involve the creation of a high-speed rail, with speeds of up to 220 mph, connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles. At a cost of up to $3.07 billion, the project would cut down on commute times and involve “all-electric trainsets [that] will produce zero emissions and [use] 100% renewable energy.”

The remaining funds would go towards planned upgrades to Chicago’s Union Station, the Pennsylvania Keystone Corridor, and other anticipated projects in DC, North Carolina, and Virginia. This proposal is notable because it’s the most significant investment in the nation’s rail system since the creation of Amtrak in 1971. However, it’s not the last of the future infrastructure improvements and advancements.

The Biden-Harris Administration also announced it was planning “future rail growth.” Overall, there would be seven new high-speed rail projects, 47 extensions to existing and new corridor routes, and upgrades to 15 existing routes.

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