Biden Admin Takes Legal Action Against Texas

Biden Admin Takes Legal Action Against Texas

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed SB 4 into law In December, which made illegal immigration a state crime and gave the Lone Star State more control over the border. In doing so, most legal experts expected that he would face a legal challenge from the federal government. The Biden Administration has now sued.

On Wednesday, January 3, the Department of Justice’s Office of Public Affairs issued a press release noting that it had filed suit against Texas, challenging SB 4. The DOJ claimed the legislation violates the US Constitution’s Foreign Commerce and Supremacy Clauses. The agency is asking the court to declare the law invalid. Vanita Gupta, the US Associate Attorney General, said that US states “cannot adopt immigration laws that interfere with the framework enacted by Congress.” The ACLU has also claimed the law is discriminatory.

After receiving news of the lawsuit, Abbott took to X, formerly Twitter, to acknowledge the suit and said, “Texas is the only government in America trying to stop illegal immigration” and that he likes his chances at success. Attorney General Ken Paxton has said he’s ready to defend the state against all legal challenges, whether from the federal government or the ACLU.

The framework of SB 4 allows Texas to deport illegal immigrants who cross the Mexico border into the state back to Mexico. The Biden Administration said this directly contradicts the federal government’s catch-and-release policy. Additionally, those who enter the country illegally would be subject to misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the number of times they’ve broken the new state statute.

The border crisis continues to be a stain on the Biden Administration, with December 2023 having been set to bring in the highest-ever recorded number of illegal crossings in a single month, according to CBS News. Since he took office, more than 2 million immigrants have crossed into President Joe Biden’s America.

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