Bernie Sanders Is Running Again

Bernie Sanders Is Running Again

( – Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has worked in the political arena for decades. Before constituents elected him to the Senate, he spent 16 years in the House of Representatives. He’s currently serving his third term in the upper chamber and has revealed he plans to run for a fourth.

On Monday, May 6, Sanders posted a video on social media announcing he was again seeking the Vermont seat where he has served for the past 18 years. In the 8.5-minute video, Sanders discussed how he has helped Vermonters — and Americans — gain access to critical programs and essentials. He talked about lowering prescription drug prices and helping expand medical care for those in his state. He also addressed a number of issues such as wealth inequality and the global climate crisis, using his constituents as an example.

Toward the end of the video, Sanders discussed the war between Israel and Hamas, a very polarizing topic recently, saying that while the Jewish state had every right to defend itself, it did not have the right “to go to war against the entire Palestinian people.” Sanders has remained very critical of this issue and has criticized Democrats, with whom he caucuses, for continuing to provide military assistance to Israel.

At 82 years old, Sanders has shown no signs of wanting to slow down. He said he looked forward to tackling the remaining issues, including the climate crisis and expanding healthcare so that every American has access to it regardless of their income or insurance status. He insisted that access to healthcare was “a human right, not a privilege.” He also hopes to expand Medicare and keep the government from privatizing the Veterans Affairs office.

Political observers expect the Vermont senator will easily win a fourth term. He remains very popular with the people in his state, with whom he regularly converses to learn about their challenges. He said he considers serving the US and Vermonters “the honor of [his] life” and looks forward to their continued support as he hits the campaign trail.

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