AT&T Paying Customers Back After Outage

AT&T Paying Customers Back After Hours-Long Outage

( – Thousands of AT&T customers lost service on Thursday, February 22. The company was trying to expand its service but ended up running into technical issues that disrupted telecommunications and internet services. Now, AT&T is trying to make it up to customers by offering a one-time credit for those experienced effects.

The outage affected customers across the country, including in several major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta, with many finding themselves unable to text, make calls, or connect to the internet. While many people suspected the outage was due to a cyberattack, AT&T quickly poured cold water on that notion in a statement, saying, “the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network” caused the outage. The company also admitted letting its users down and apologized for the inconvenience.

Now, AT&T is offering a $5 credit to its wireless and small business users, which will show up within one to two billing cycles, per an announcement on its website called “Making it Right.” Its prepaid customers will also qualify for a credit, but it’s currently unclear how the company will implement that logistically. The company hasn’t disclosed the costs associated with issuing the credits or the amount of revenue it may have lost.

According to John T. Stankey, the chief executive, the company is crediting users $5 for the potential loss of the entire day. The credit announcement received mixed reviews on social media. Some thanked the company for issuing any type of credit, while others said it was “an insult” to those operating multiple lines on one account.

AT&T made it clear that the company has seen no evidence that the event compromised any customer information. It said it was working with its larger business accounts and would “address their concerns as those discussions take place.”

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