Arrest Made in Possible Assassination Plot

Arrest Made in Possible Assassination Plot

( – The Russo-Ukraine war has continued for more than two years now. Since the beginning, Ukraine has had concerns that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s life was at risk, and a top aide recently revealed plotters have planned or pursued more than a dozen assassination attempts. Recently, authorities arrested a Polish man believed to be part of one such plot.

On Thursday, April 18, the office of Poland’s National Prosecutor revealed it had arrested a man, identified only as Pawel K., the previous day. Investigators accused the suspect of seeking a Russian contact to hand off information about security at the Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport, the location Zelenkskyy flies out of when travels abroad.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin released a statement on X, formerly Twitter, announcing Pawel K.’s detainment. The suspect reportedly “proactively established contact with the Russian military command,” offering his cooperation to the Russian central intelligence office, the GRU. Kostin pointed out that the “Kremlin’s criminal regime” has consistently used such measures “to undermine European and global security.”

Ukraine aided in the investigation and evidence collection that was, in turn, presented to Polish authorities. If convicted, Pawel K. could spend up to eight years in prison.

This incident wasn’t the only recent international arrest in regard to the conflict between the two nations. In Germany, prosecutors announced the detainment of two German-Russian dual nationals on suspicion of espionage. Identified as Alexander J. and Dieter S., German authorities accused them of scouting out critical infrastructure and military sites — some of them US facilities — to carry out targeted attacks that would undermine the West’s involvement with Ukraine and disrupt aid from flowing into the war-torn country.

Authorities reportedly carried out searches on their homes and workplaces before issuing an arrest warrant on April 9. According to NBC News, Dieter S. allegedly worked with Russian forces before and remained in contact with someone “connected to the Russian secret service” since last October.

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