Arizona Man Accuses Wife of Poisoning His Coffee

Arizona Man Catches Wife Poisoning Him

( – There are many true crime stories that center on people poisoning their significant others and getting away with it — at first. They come up with creative ways such as using rat poison or cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals in beverages or food. Oftentimes, the victim isn’t aware until they fall ill. In Arizona, one man became suspicious of his wife and decided to collect evidence. Now, she is facing charges for allegedly adding a special ingredient to her husband’s coffee: bleach.

While going through a divorce, Roby Johnson, a US Air Force airman, became suspicious of how his coffee was tasting. At the time, the couple was living in Germany, where he was stationed. Johnson decided to test the water in his house using pool chemical strips. He tested both the water from the tap and what was in his coffee pot.

Johnson alleges that his wife knew he set up his coffee pot at night to brew in the morning and suspected her of tampering with it. In May, he set up cameras to catch her in the act. He did so again in June when he was relocated to Tucson. While he was successful, his first report to the police resulted in no action because the footage didn’t show what his wife was putting in the pot. So, he tried again. This time, he installed cameras that looked like fire alarms. The second attempt was successful and allegedly showed her pouring bleach into the machine. This time, with more concrete evidence in hand, police took action. The video footage was recently released to the public.

In August, a grand jury indicted Melody Johnson on several charges, including attempt to commit first-degree murder, adding a harmful substance or poison to food or drink, attempt to commit aggravated assault-serious physical injury. She was arrested and detained in Pima County Jail and held on a $250,000 bond due to being a flight risk as she owns a house in the Philippines and has family in the country.

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