Antony Blinken Takes Trip to Ukraine

Antony Blinken Takes Trip to Ukraine

( – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has entered its third year. President Vladimir Putin’s troops have faced an uphill battle to overtake the country. Ukraine is still fighting off continued aggressions, and sending more aid has been somewhat a point of contention in Congress in recent months. However, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a surprise visit to the nation.

On Tuesday, May 14, Blinken arrived in Kyiv by train. During the unscheduled visit, he spoke with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who requested more aid. Blinken said that Congress’ delay in approving aid left the nation “more vulnerable to Russia’s attacks.”

Blinken also reassured Ukrainians that the United States stands behind them and that American support “has never wavered.” However, given the nature of politics and its unpredictability, he said he couldn’t guarantee that future aid packages would match what the country has received so far. With the presidential election later this year, the US could experience a change in leadership, and former President Donald Trump has expressed concern about sending continued aid to the country.

While in Kyiv, Blinken also visited a local cocktail bar, where the band called him up to the stage to play guitar. He spoke to the patrons, saying, “They need to know […] the United States is with you, so much of the world is with you.” He then played Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

Russia has gained ground recently, capturing at least seven villages totaling around 40 to 50 square miles in Kharkiv. Thousands of citizens fled the area. Russia has also continued to launch attacks in Donetsk. While senior administration officials declined to pin Russian advances directly on the delay in US aid, they did say the lack of munitions weakened Ukrainian forces in the region.

Blinken revealed during a press conference on Wednesday that the US would be providing $2 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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