America’s Most Wanted Suspect Captured With Daughters’ Help

America's Most Wanted Suspect Captured With Daughters' Help

( – “America’s Most Wanted” is a television show that brings awareness to the public about the suspects authorities are seeking. Typically, the people featured on the show have committed some of the most atrocious crimes. The suspect featured in the February 12 segment of the show is now in custody, and police have his own daughters to thank for the arrest.

In 2022, 51-year-old Davie Albarran went on the run after facing accusations of crimes against two young children. When his daughters learned of the allegations against him, they went straight to work. Yaneiry and Ana Albarran posted on social media, launching a campaign that garnered more than 80 million views. It also drew more accusers out of the woodwork. According to a Facebook post created by Ana dated December 4, 2022, but updated throughout the years, 12 alleged victims have come forward. One of the reported victims was none other than his own grandchild.

Alabarran appeared on “America’s Most Wanted” twice. The first time was in December 2022. Then, the show covered him in another episode on Monday, February 12, featuring the efforts of his two daughters. Within a week, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office had him in custody thanks to tips the daughters shared. The information they received led them to a house on Country Haven Drive in Lakeland, Florida. Sheriff Grady Judd praised Albarran’s daughters for coming forward and working with law enforcement to locate their father.

When police accosted Albarran, he gave them a fake name, calling himself Jose Rodriguez. According to the probable cause arrest affidavit seen by Law & Crime, law enforcement identified him as Albarran through his driver’s license photo. In addition to having a warrant out for his arrest on the abuse allegations, he reportedly owes more than $100,000 in unpaid child support.

Authorities are now holding Albarran in the Polk County Jail without bond.

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