Alex Murdaugh Hit With Another Lengthy Sentence

Alex Murdaugh Hit With Another Lengthy Sentence

( – Alex Murdaugh was once on top of the world. He comes from a long line of prominent attorneys held in high standing in his community. However, that all went by the wayside when a jury convicted him of murdering his wife and son last March. He received two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, but his legal troubles didn’t end there. Prosecutors also charged and convicted Murdaugh of financial crimes, and he has just received another lengthy sentence.

Last September, Murdaugh pleaded guilty to 22 federal counts of money laundering, bank fraud, and wire fraud. The charges stemmed from the theft of more than $10 million from his own law firm over 10 years. He received a sentence of 27 years at the state level, but the federal court levied an additional 40 years on April 1. Those sentences will run concurrently. He must also pay restitution of $8.76 million.

Some of the former high-profile attorney’s crimes included stealing money from personal injury awards due to clients and moving the money into his personal bank accounts. More than two dozen of the firm’s clients suffered losses. One of Murdaugh’s victims was one of his own friends, who called him out in an impact statement after he pleaded guilty.

Authorities believe that Murdaugh murdered his son, Paul, and wife, Maggie, after the law firm’s chief financial officer (CFO) discovered the missing money. He allegedly killed them the same day the CFO spoke with the attorney about it.

US Attorney Adair F. Boroughs issued a statement after the federal judge pronounced the sentence. She said the prosecution “was about obtaining justice for the financial victims,” who were suffering at low points in their lives when Murdaugh delivered another blow. She pointed out that they were “not just names listed in a court filing” but those dealing with tangible losses when Murdaugh chose to victimize them again.

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