Actress Shirley Anne Field Passes Away

Actress Shirley Anne Field Passes Away

( – While many people try to break into the acting industry, only some succeed at reaching the pinnacle. British actress Shirley Anne Field counted herself among those lucky enough to have a long, successful career spanning decades. Sadly, she has now passed away.

In a statement to the BBC, Field’s family announced that the actress died on December 10 from natural causes. She was 87 years old. Her family said she passed “surrounded by her family and friends” and that the actress would be “greatly missed.”

Before she was an actress, Field, born in 1936, became a model in the 1950s. When she decided to make a foray into the acting world, she landed some background roles as a pretty girl in “It’s a Wonderful World” and “Loser Takes All.” From there, she played in several small or unnamed roles, but it was inevitable that, in time, her screen time increased.

One of Field’s notable roles was as Tina Lapford in the movie “The Entertainer,” where she played opposite Laurence Olivier. She ended up with roles in other popular films, including “My Beautiful Laundrette,” “The War Lover,” and “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.” Some of her most famous co-stars included Michael Caine, Robert Wagner, and Steve McQueen. She said that even though she had the opportunity to become a Hollywood star, she found in accepting her role in “The War Lover,” she didn’t enjoy the filmmaking process as she should have because she always felt stressed.

Field’s career spanned more than 50 years on television, in theaters, and on the stage. She continued acting until 2014 when she made her last appearance in the film “Beautiful Relics.”

In 1967, the actress married Charles Crichton-Stuart, a race car driver. Their marriage only lasted until the late 1970s, when they divorced. The couple welcomed daughter Nicola in 1969.

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