Actor Michael Gambon Passes Away

Actor Michael Gambon Passes Away

( – There are some actors that touch people‚Äôs world in unique ways, and it’s tough for the public to see them go. Michael Gambon was widely revered around the world for his portrayal of Hogwarts’ leader, Albus Dumbledore. But the actor also had a very storied career outside of those franchise films. Sadly, he has passed away at the age of 82.

On Thursday, September 28, Gambon’s agency confirmed to CBS News that the critically-acclaimed thespian had passed away following a stint with pneumonia. The statement, which came from his wife, Lady Anne Gambon, and son, Fergus, said the pair were “devastated” at the loss. Gambon died with his family by his bedside at a local hospital.

Gambon wasn’t always an actor. In fact, after he left school at age 15, he proceeded down a career path that saw him qualifying as a technician at an engineering company. It was a love that followed him throughout his life. He collected watches, antique guns, and cars.

Long before he was Albus Dumbledore, Gambon had quite the storied career that began when he convinced Dublin’s Gate Theatre that he should join. That opportunity led him to work under Laurence Olivier at the National Theatre, where he held roles in 12 plays, including many notable Shakespearian performances. He also appeared on TV, radio, and theater and in numerous films. His notable appearances include “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover,” “Doctor Who,” “The King’s Speech,” and “Maigret.”

In 1998, Queen Elizabeth II knighted the actor for services to drama, a true testament to his capabilities. He then became known as Sir Michael Gambon. He had another nickname, too, bestowed upon him by Ralph Richardson: “The Great Gambon.”

Gambon was the second actor to play Dumbledore. He followed Richard Harris, who played the role in the first two films, before his death in 2002. Gambon was nominated for 12 Olivier awards and won four BAFTAs.

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