4-Year-Old Girl Among Hostages Set Free By Hamas

4-Year-Old Girl Among Hostages Set Free By Hamas

(USNewsBreak.com) – The Israel-Hamas war continues to wage on nearly two months after the militant group attacked the Jewish state in the early morning hours of October 7. Since then, Hamas has held onto dozens of hostages, leading many to call for a ceasefire to rescue those held captive and provide much-needed aid to Gaza. After weeks of local and foreign officials trying to negotiate a temporary suspension, they finally succeeded, and Hamas freed a number of hostages, a young dual citizen among them.

Four-year-old Avigail Idan experienced pure terror on the day of the attack. Hamas fighters reportedly killed both of her parents right in front of her in the Kfar Aza kibbutz and abducted her. At the time, she was three years old, having celebrated her fourth birthday in captivity. On Sunday, November 26, Hamas officials released the little girl, who is a dual Israeli-American citizen, and President Joe Biden said she was safe and “in Israel now.” Israeli authorities expected to reunite her with her siblings and her grandparents, aunt, and uncle, with whom she will live in Israel.

Avigail’s release was part of the complex ceasefire negotiated with the help of the Qatari government. Of the 17 freed captives in a planned hostage swap, 14, including the little girl, were Israeli citizens, and the other three were foreign nationals. Qatari’s Foreign Ministry said the deal also included Israel releasing 39 Palestinians. Women and children were the main focus during the suspension. The Jewish state had agreed to continue to pause the fighting one day for every 10 hostages Hamas released.

Ten Americans remain unaccounted for, and according to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the US has stayed in close contact with Egyptian and Qatari authorities. Sullivan said he was confident “that all of the individuals being held hostage will come home,” according to CBS News.

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