2 Accused of Sabotage Plan Against US Military Sites

2 Accused of Sabotage Plan Against US Military Sites

(USNewsBreak.com) – The Russo-Ukraine war has lasted more than two years. Ukraine is surviving with help from the West, namely in the form of military and humanitarian aid. However, some wish to see Russia prevail and are even trying to undermine Western support. Germany arrested two dual nationals accused of planning to sabotage US military sites.

On Wednesday, German authorities arrested two German-Russian nationals, identified only as Alexander J. and Dieter S, in Bayreuth, Bavaria. German authorities reportedly had suspicions that the two “worked for a foreign intelligence service,” with Dieter specifically having contact with someone involved with the Russian secret service since October 2023. Since last year, he allegedly exchanged information with his contact. He reportedly also had prior ties to a Russia-sponsored separatist militia. In March, Alexander joined him.

The two allegedly planned to target German industrial sites and some military infrastructure, including US military bases. Authorities believe they wanted to disrupt military aid heading to Ukraine. The pair allegedly visited the targets to carry out the plot, taking photos and videos that Dieter subsequently passed on to his Russian contact. Reports also indicated that Dieter expressed a readiness to carry out arson or explosive offenses against military sites.

Local police searched their workplaces and homes before detaining them. It’s unclear what evidence they collected during those probes or the charges the men are facing.

Germany remains Ukraine’s second-largest arms supplier and the European home to the US’s largest military bases. According to The Wall Street Journal, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claimed he had no information on the two men detained in Germany or the allegations against them.

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