2 Accused of Dumping Red Powder on Constitution Encasement

2 Accused of Dumping Red Powder on Constitution Encasement

(USNewsBreak.com) – One of the freedoms Americans enjoy is the right to protest peacefully. However, some people end up crossing boundaries that often result in criminal charges. Two men who recently visited the National Archives found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

The incident happened on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 14. Two men who were protesting the effects of climate change dumped red powder on themselves and an encasement holding the United States Constitution. Officials immediately cleared them from the area and shut down the rotunda and galleries to safeguard the contents housed within. No damage came to the age-old document. Unfortunately for the men, they found themselves arrested and charged with the destruction of federal property.

A video showing the incident went viral on X, formerly Twitter, showing the two covered in the substance and security guards calling for backup. On audio, viewers could hear the men saying, “We all deserve clean air, water, food, and a livable climate.” As of February 17, it had received 2.4 million views.

This incident wasn’t the first time climate activists have used artworks and public forums as a medium for protesting. They regularly choose platforms that will gain them as much attention as possible. The rotunda, which also houses the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, remained closed for clean-up on Thursday, but officials opened the rest of the museum to the public.

The incident at the National Archives marks the second time this week that police had to respond to climate activists. A group of them sat down on the George Washington Memorial Parkway the previous day, blocking traffic headed northbound into Washington, DC. Like the duo covered in red powder, this group demanded President Joe Biden declare a national emergency because of climate change.

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