WHO Declares Emergency Over Monkeypox Spread

Lawmakers Pushing for Action Over Monkeypox

New Public Health EMERGENCY Declared – A Shocking Decision

(USNewsBreak.com) – The World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on July 22. The decision marks the highest level of alert and is a move to ensure a serious approach to the outbreak by global leaders. T Biden administration says it has implemented a plan to stop the infection rate in the US.

US Responses to the WHO Decision

Director of White House Pandemic Preparedness Office Raj Panjabi said in a White House statement that the PHEIC declaration is a call to action for the global community. He explained it requires countries to work together in a unified response to stop transmission. The Biden administration is increasing vaccine access and production, bringing more testing and treatment to impacted communities, and providing education to those with the highest risk. Panjabi recognized the outbreak requires increasing the work and being more aggressive in fighting the disease.

US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra committed to continuing to stay on top of the spread here in the US. The official backed the White House’s actions to get it under control and said the department would accelerate its work on combating the virus.

Lawmakers Expressed Concern

Before the WHO’s decision and the White House’s announcement, lawmakers were expressing concerns about the US’s response to the illness. According to a July 24 report from The Hill, legislators demanded answers on the exact strategy to wipe out the disease.

For example, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) reportedly sent a letter on July 13 to Secretary Becerra. He said, like with COVID-19, the US response is lagging. The Hill also reported that a group of 50 Democratic Representatives sent a letter to President Biden on July 21 asking him to declare a public health emergency and release vaccines from the federal supply. A July 25 report from The Washington Post indicated that the administration is currently considering declaring the outbreak a public health emergency.

A Little Background

Monkeypox is an infectious illness in the smallpox family. It rarely leads to death, but the rash it causes can be quite painful. It passes from person to person through direct contact with body fluids and items of an infected person. The disease can also move to a fetus through the placenta, according to the CDC. It can impact people who come in contact with animals that have it or eat meat products that contain the virus.

Monkeypox symptoms may include a rash of raised boils, fever, fatigue, headaches, body aches, chills, and swollen lymph nodes.

As of July 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 18,095 confirmed cases, 17,852 of which were in countries where outbreaks are not typical. Infections have happened in 75 countries so far.

The virus is most common in parts of Africa, but the spread is far beyond that country’s borders. In addition, CBS News reported that infections in the US and Europe are currently spreading only among people and not from animals to people.

While the danger appears greatest in men who have sexual relations with other men, anyone can get monkeypox. Are you concerned about your risk? Do you think the White House is doing enough to combat this latest viral threat?

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