Virtual Reality Just Got TOO Real – Are LETHAL GAMES in Our Future?

Oculus Goes a Bit Too Far with Lethal Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Founder Creates Lethal Virtual Reality Headset

( – Palmer Luckey, the founder of Anduril and co-founder of Oculus, announced on November 6 that he’d created a virtual reality headset designed to kill the person using it if their game character died. He built the device to honor “Sword Art Online,” a Japanese novel and television series in which people play a virtual game they cannot leave until they complete and lose their lives if they fail. Luckey admitted his invention is not a working model, but he has perfected at least half of the technology.

The headset, called “NerveGear” in the SAO series, uses explosive charge modules to target the user’s brain. Luckey explained he’s figured out the killing part of the device but hasn’t worked out how to make it usable in a game scenario. He also stated the technology is far from failsafe, which is why he has never personally tested it.

The inventor divulged that real-life consequences of gaming have always been an interest of his. Nobody had yet looked into it, which drove him to try his hand at creating a NerveGear-like headset. Despite his excitement about his success with the creation, Luckey stated it is currently only office décor. But he also warned his device is just the beginning, and he suspects other innovators will develop similar items in the future.

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