US Sending Additional Support to Ukraine for Healthcare System

Biden Sending Another $1.7 Billion to Ukraine

US Giving Away $1.7 BILLION – Look What It’s For!

( – The US Agency for International Development (USAID) put out a press release on July 12 to announce a $1.7 billion package going to Ukraine. The funding had bipartisan support in Congress and was an extension of President Joe Biden’s promise to support the war-torn nation. An important aspect of this monetary aid is that it will go toward boosting the healthcare system in the country, which has been under incredible strain since the Russian invasion.

The conflict has caused a shortage of much-needed services and led to the deaths of people who couldn’t get lifesaving care for chronic diseases. The World Health Organization said it verified attacks on medical facilities that put them out of service or significantly reduced their ability to operate.

Even some hospitals not directly attacked by Russian forces have had to shut down — and without the proper health services, patients with health needs will be at further risk. People cannot get routine care. More of those with treatable conditions could die, and children won’t get vaccinations. Medications can’t get out to those who need them. It is a harrowing experience for the people of Ukraine.

This funding from the US will go directly to help alleviate these issues. It will assist with preventing people from dying from treatable and preventable illnesses by giving facilities monetary support to pay workers and increase operations. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also said the money will help those on the front lines in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Do you support providing more aid to Ukraine, or do you think should the US use the resources to help people at home?

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