Thousands of Felons Get Voting Rights After Ruling

Thousands of Felons Get Voting Rights After Ruling

Thousands of Felons Get VOTING Rights – Is This Okay?

( – Beginning July 27, felons who are not imprisoned yet still finishing their sentences can cast ballots in North Carolina elections. An appeals court reversed the 1973 felony disenfranchisement, which forbade convicts to exercise the right until completing all terms of their punishment, in March. The trial judge panel stated the legislation was discriminatory against black Americans and a violation of the state constitution.

Election officials decided to appeal, and the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. Still, people may continue to register and vote under the reversal ruling while the matter is pending. The restoration of rights came one day after local elections, but individuals will be able to go to the polls in November for the midterms.

Prior to the court ruling, anyone convicted of a felony in the state lost the right to vote until fully completing their sentence, including serving all required parole or probation and paying restitution. The original filing contended the law held back many people who did not have the financial means to complete all the requirements. In addition, it noted that the issue disproportionately harms black people.

Advocacy groups held the Unlock Our Vote Freedom Summer kickoff event on July 27 in the state capital. The group will work to spread the word about the newly restored liberty and conduct registration outreach for those who can now legally go to the polls.

Do you think felons should be allowed to vote as long as they aren’t incarcerated?

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