They’re Microchipping People in Dubai

They're Microchipping People in Dubai

( – The COVID-19 pandemic spurred on many new ideas. There was a huge rise in the market for face masks, and thousands of companies decided to transition to a permanent work-at-home arrangement for employees.

In Dubai, however, innovation took a much different turn. The city is now home to a beauty salon offering microchip manicures that utilize near field communication to connect to mobile devices. The health crisis increased interest in such technology; Lanour Beauty Lounge just happens to be capitalizing on it.

The installation process is rather simple: technicians secure the tiny device to the surface of a client’s fingernail with UV-activated adhesive. Then, they complete the manicure as per the individual’s original request, hiding the chip in the process.

The eventual plan is for clients to use the chip to access menus and make payments, but for now, it is essentially a digital business card. Each person can include whatever information he or she wants, such as name, website address, social media accounts, and phone number.

While the microchip manicure is voluntary, and thus, a decision completely made by the client, it’s raising concerns about whether the governments or other groups might use it in nefarious ways. At the very least, it has the potential to facilitate tracking, which is a huge concern for anyone who values their privacy.

Cell phones already have apps tracking a user’s every move. In the pandemic, the government even created platforms that allowed them to use software to track infections or create vaccine passports. Could this seemingly innocent nail art be the beginning of a future where some entity is pushing everyone to “get chipped?”

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