Suspect Suddenly DIES in Prison – He’s Gone!

Man Dies Awaiting Trial for Threat Against Walmart Store

Man Dies Awaiting Trial for Threat Against Walmart Store

( – A man awaiting trial for the infamous Mississippi heist of a twin-engine plane died in federal custody last week, just days after his transfer from a state facility. Staff found Cory Patterson, 29, unresponsive and later pronounced him dead. While authorities haven’t announced the cause of his death, it appears to have been an isolated incident with no other injuries.

An experienced pilot from Shannon, Mississippi, took “joyride” to a new level when he allegedly stole a Beechcraft King airplane. During that flight in early September, he alerted police of his intentions: dive bomb the Walmart in Ashland, Mississippi.

The incident lasted for hours and terrified local residents. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves kept the public updated when the plane was finally on the ground. He thanked the local, state, and federal agencies involved and expressed gratitude that nobody was hurt. Law enforcement managed the situation on the ground, coordinating evacuations and issuing alerts where necessary.

As for Patterson, the day of his flight, he wrote an eerie Facebook post. “Never actually wanted to hurt anyone,” the suspect wrote, along with an apology to his family. He ended with, “goodbye.”

Patterson went to jail pending trial on state charges of grand larceny and terrorist threats. He was transferred to the federal facility in Miami, where he died. Patterson’s attorney, Tony Farese, said that the suspect committed suicide, according to CNN.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can dial 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

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