Supreme Court Retirement Rumors Swirl

Supreme Court Retirement Rumors Swirl

( – For the first time in nearly a century, conservatives have a majority on the Supreme Court. With former President Donald Trump’s appointments of Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, six Conservatives sit on the Court, leading some Progressives to call for an expansion of the high court. However, there are rumblings that two justices might seek retirement soon, and if true, it would add a lot more pressure to the 2024 election.

A rumor persists that Justices Samuel Alito, 73, and Clarence Thomas, 75, may soon step down from the bench. The unconfirmed information has reportedly given Democrats pause. If the GOP should happen to take over the Senate and the nation were to elect a Republican candidate as President, defeating Joe Biden in 2024, it would result in the appointment of two Conservatives to replace the departing Justices on the court. That would maintain the 6 to 3 majority and introduces the possibility that a GOP president could appoint younger Justices, expanding the conservative majority years, possibly decades, into the future.

One outspoken Democrat, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), says she’s confident Biden will win the election. Yet, she ventured that the possibility of a Republican president replacing the justices with younger counterparts “would be devastating for anyone who cares about privacy and their own personal freedom,” according to The Hill.

Republicans are also keeping keen eyes on the court and monitoring rumors because of the 2024 election. However, it’s important to note that the justices can and do go against the grain on some rulings despite their political alignments. That’s likely to remain the case in the coming years, and putting younger conservatives on the court might lead to more of the same.

For now, observers should take the rumors with a grain of salt. This incident isn’t the first time such whispers have circulated about Justices Alito and Thomas retiring. In fact, hearsay has had Thomas retiring for years. Neither Thomas nor Alito has spoken out about the rumors.

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