Starbucks Location SHUTTING Its Doors for Good – The Reason Is Heartbreaking

Starbucks Closing New Orleans Location Amid Crime Concerns

Starbucks Closing New Orleans Location Amid Safety Concerns

( – As fall rolls in, many people are clamoring to grab a famed pumpkin spice latte from their favorite Seattle coffee chain. But for customers in one part of New Orleans, their chance to get a cup of the coveted autumn beverage is about to end — unless they head to a new location. October 3 will be the last day they’ll be able to get a cup of Joe from the Canal Street Starbucks. The company announced it would close the doors on that location for good due to security concerns.

In a letter to partners in July, the company warned ongoing safety issues and other problems with locations would lead to store closings, and CEO Howard Schultz acknowledged shutdowns were starting the same month. The Canal Street location on the chopping block is right in the middle of a crime-ridden area. New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the United States as of September 11, according to Metropolitan Crime Commission data reported by Fox Business.

Despite the coffee giant deciding to shutter one set of doors in the area, the company has five other locations in the city. And other businesses nearby don’t seem fazed. Fox Business reported that shop proprietor David Rubenstein admitted there are concerns, but he sees no reason to close.

In a statement to WGNO, the Downtown Development District said it was sad to see Starbucks close that location but assured over half of its budget goes into keeping the area as safe as possible.

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