Sharia Law Punishments ORDERED – This Is Frightening!

Afghan Leader Orders Enactment Of Sharia Law

Afghan Leader Demands Implementation of Sharia Law Punishments

( – The Taliban leader in Afghanistan has reportedly put Sharia law into place for punishments. It will impact everyone within the country, including women, who have already reportedly lost many of their freedoms over the past year. The decision will also lead to the imposition of harsh punishments for residents accused of crimes. Concerns have risen that the impact on human rights could be severe.

The Announcement

Supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada’s proclamation instilling sharia law came out in a tweet on November 13 by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. The post revealed that Akhundzada, who stays hidden away and hands down commands from Kandahar, sent orders to judges, telling them to issue punishments in line with Sharia Law. These punishments include flogging and public execution, and to rule by the ideal of “an eye for an eye” for crimes such as murder, according to The Guardian.

The orders insinuate the concepts of hudud and qisas. Hudud are crimes with specific punishments and include alcohol consumption or cheating on a spouse. Proving such wrongdoings typically requires convincing evidence, which might consist of the testimony of four men attesting to the crime. Qisas is when the punishment matches the deed, such as death for committing murder or having a hand cut off for stealing.

Human Rights in Afghanistan

The Taliban has reportedly stripped women of many rights already, including removing them from schools and positions within the government. The government threw out the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and banned most women from going to work.

Leaders also issued orders requiring hijab or burqa coverings and male escorts in public. A different report from The Guardian on November 10 revealed the government had stopped women from being able to go to fairs and parks because there were too many violations of the rules requiring hijab and gender segregation.

The Taliban has also demonstrated multiple times that it uses harsh means by which to punish alleged criminals. When the extremists took over ruling the nation, anyone they felt had supported the previous government or who was a member of a minority group was at risk. It’s alleged that murders and beatings rose significantly as the organization seized power.

When the US left Afghanistan and the Taliban took over power, leaders made promises to lead with gentler hands. But it appears they have ignored that guarantee and abandoned all pretense that they would not become as extreme as they were during their first time ruling the nation. Have the latest orders from the supreme leader removed any hope the new Taliban regime will change for the better?

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