School in Pennsylvania Removes CNN Streaming Requirement

School in Pennsylvania Removes CNN Streaming Requirement

( – A school in Pennsylvania previously required homeroom teachers to broadcast CNN 10 every day. The program provided news to students, but some people objected to the use of CNN-based programming. Now it seems their objections may have been heard.

On February 14, the Norwin School Board voted to end the mandatory rule, stating that the decision allowed for socializing and interaction between students. Still, the board did approve of the use of television to show patriotic content and encouraged the use of a variety of sources.

The school board initially wanted to ban all use of television during the homeroom period, but a teacher explained the staff sometimes like to use it to show special videos. The objection led to a compromise to remove CNN 10 but continue to allow the use for streaming alternative content, such as videos on Pearl Harbor or Veterans Day.

A parent at the school board meeting, Ashley Egan, said the biased news coverage from CNN did not sit well with her. Another parent expressed she didn’t feel the broadcast benefited the students.

However, the decision did receive some pushback. Supporters of keeping the channel in the classrooms said the broadcast helps provide civic engagement for the children. A retired teacher suggested the removal by the school board was an overstep of its powers, and the board should not make decisions for teachers.

The vote was 5-4 for the ban. Before the school used CNN 10, it used Channel One, which offered similar programming.

Do you agree with the decision to remove news that might be biased from classrooms?

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