Scary SURGE Hits – Ian’s Side Effect?

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Rears Head in Florida After Hurricane

Cases of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Rise in Florida After Hurricane

( – Hurricane Ian brought more to Florida than wind and flood damage. It also boosted a potentially fatal bacteria in the hardest hit area of Lee county. Since the weather event, the surge in Vibrio vulnificus infection reports has put health officials on alert, and they are warning the public about the dangers.

Florida Health reported a total of 29 cases in Lee County alone, with four deaths in the area as of October 14. The typical annual total number of people with the infection for the whole state has been in the mid-30s for the past two years, so the current total of 65 is concerning.

Officials warn that the bacteria live in warm waters and can easily get into the body through cuts. The storm brought flooding that carried V. vulnificus into neighborhoods. In addition, sewer leaks have increased the chances of exposure.

Residents with weakened immune systems are most at risk of serious illness, including sepsis and tissue death, both of which can be fatal. However, according to the CDC, severe illness is uncommon. In minor cases, people may experience an upset stomach with diarrhea and vomiting. Severe infections could require amputation of infected tissue. Anyone who has symptoms should seek treatment right away to prevent complications.

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