Scary Fireworks Accident Serves as Cautionary Tale

Scary Fireworks Accident Serves as Cautionary Tale

This ACCIDENT Should Be a Warning for Every American

( – Fireworks might look pretty against the night sky, but the explosive devices can cause serious injuries when users aren’t careful. A viral video displays a home fireworks show going terribly wrong. It ended with people fleeing everywhere to escape errant sparks.

The video is from a home security camera. Footage shows a yard and a group of people sitting in lawn chairs as others begin setting off fireworks not far away. The situation goes awry as the explosives start to detonate on the ground instead of high in the air.

Sparks fly at the panicking onlookers, who begin running away. A woman stops to grab a small child while dodging oncoming flames. When the danger appears to be over, another round begins going off beneath a nearby vehicle, creating an even larger hazard.

There is no indication of where this mishap took place or if anyone suffered injuries. Still, it’s a good cautionary tale about how unpredictable fireworks can be.

The National Safety Council (NSC) cautions people that firework accidents are known to kill and injure unsuspecting people. The devices can start fires as well. The NCS suggests wearing protective gear, setting off the explosives one at a time, lighting them far away from structures and people, and only using them where they are legal. To keep festivities as safe as possible, experts recommend ultimately leaving the firework displays to the professionals.

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