Sanctions May Not Change Russia’s Course on Ukraine

Sanctions May Not Change Russia's Course on Ukraine

( – Russia continues to build up troops on the Ukraine border, a sign that many global leaders perceive as proof of an impending invasion. The US developed and has threatened to impose sanctions if Moscow made such a move, but is it really enough?

In her January 31 press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that the Biden administration developed sanctions against President Vladimir Putin and his many allies. However, she also noted that sanctions are a diplomatic tool, and serve as just one part of a bigger plan to deter Russia.

Congress is crafting legislation that would target the Russian president directly with sanctions. The bill also enacts guidelines for his top officials.

So far, experts feel the White House has yet to take action in ways that produce favorable results, and wonder whether sanctions will steer things in the right direction. Sanctions enacted in 2014 didn’t prevent him from annexing Crimea.

A former National Security Council official told the Washington Examiner that sanctions have failed before and nothing has changed to show they would work this time. Russia is now in a better financial situation, which could mean even harsh sanctions would have little effect.

This week, news outlets also reported that the Pentagon would be sending another 3,000 troops to Europe to support NATO allies. However, one Fox News report from February 4 indicated some, like former military history professor Fred Kagan, aren’t even convinced that will be enough to deter Russia from launching an invasion.

According to the Examiner, experts believe sanctions in any capacity are just political moves at this point. Could regulations really make a difference for Ukraine, or are they just wasting everyone’s time?

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