Russia Imposes Sanctions on More Americans, Including Biden’s Wife and Daughter

Russia Places Sanctions on More Americans, Including Biden's Wife and Daughter

Biden Family Members SANCTIONED – Big Announcement From Russia!

( – As the conflict in Ukraine rages on, Russia continues to lash out at the United States. On June 28, Moscow’s Foreign Ministry announced additional sanctions against US public figures. The move, purely symbolic, is in response to the US-imposed sanctions against Russians.

The list of individuals the Kremlin is penalizing now includes 25 more names. The newest additions feature First Lady Jill Biden, the president’s daughter Ashley Biden, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and a group of Democrat and Republican senators. Private citizens on the list include sociologists, media company heads, business owners, and historians. Russia says these people have been pushing anti-Russian propaganda. The sanctions ban them from ever being in Russian territory.

The US has put sanctions on the Kremlin, leaders, and other important people in the country as punishment for Russia’s actions against Ukraine since February. On June 28, the US announced sanctions on nearly 30 individuals in Russia, along with 70 additional entities.

The previous actions focused on crippling Russia’s economy. White House officials noted future sanctions would target the military and central banking to reduce the resources available to President Vladimir Putin and hinder the Kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine.

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