Russia and Ukraine Engage in Talks

Russia and Ukraine Engage in Talks

( – On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin breached the border of Ukraine last week after months of denying it was his intention to do so. However, his troops came up against a resistance he might not have anticipated, making a takeover difficult. After less than a week, the two sides decided to talk.

Officials from Russia and Ukraine met on February 28 to discuss a ceasefire. Ukraine went to the table asking for Russia to back off and leave, pointing out that its slow advancement wasn’t going as planned.

The two countries came together on the border of Belarus, a strong Russian ally. The meeting lasted for hours. Ukrainian citizens hoped for an end to the aggression, but President Volodymyr Zelensky warned them not to expect a lot out of the first negotiations. Once the talks concluded, both sides returned to their headquarters with no announcements.

Reports said Russian troops increased shelling during the time of the meeting. They also attacked major cities across the country overnight. The Russian government has expressed its special operation in Ukraine is to destroy its military and capture nationalists. The civilian death toll in the attacked nation was over 100 at the time of the talks.

Who do you think will back down first, Russia or Ukraine?

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