Republicans Launch Anti-Spending Ad

Republicans Launch Anti-Spending Ad

( – With prices continually on the rise, Americans are begging for solutions, but the Biden Administration continues to push big spending bills. The Coalition to Protect American Workers (CPAW) is encouraging moderate Democrats in the House to stand up against this agenda and fight for citizens in a new anti-spending ad.

CPAW, led by Vice President Mike Pence’s former Chief of Staff Short, targets five specific House members in its latest $100,00 marketing campaign. That list includes Representatives Kurt Schrader (D-OR), Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), Jared Golden (D-ME), Ed Case (D-HI), and Stephanie Murphy (D-FL).

Initially launched on November 11, the ads seek to demonstrate how the president pushed budget plans that directly contribute to inflation, which currently sits at a 30-year high.

During the 30-second ad, viewers see news report excerpts about inflation and the cost of the Biden spending plan. It explains that if Democrats don’t stop this agenda, prices will skyrocket.

The campaign will play in the targeted representatives’ home districts in hopes of urging voters to compel them to vote against more expenditures.

The group chose these five specific individuals because they previously expressed concern about moving forward with the bill amid the rising costs of goods. Case, Murphy, and Golden are still holding out on backing the latest version of the infrastructure bill.

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