Republicans Launch Ad Campaign Highlighting Gas Tax Suspension

Republicans Launch Ad Campaign Highlighting Gas Tax Suspension

( – Lawmakers are looking for solutions to the high prices at the pump. The average American is suffering from the increased costs, and it isn’t helping amid already rampant inflation. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced on March 18 he signed emergency legislation suspending the state’s gas tax, which caught the attention of other Republicans.

The 30-day tax relief for Maryland residents appeals to GOP lawmakers who want to respond to voters’ pleas for help. An America United created a campaign using Hogan’s action. The ads speak about how Hogan is the first governor to take such steps and is a leader influencing other states to act.

Around the same time the governor signed the legislation, Georgia also put a pause on gas taxes. Policymakers in other states, including West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, and Illinois, are also considering the move. Some members of Congress have even proposed a halt to the federal gas tax.

With gas prices surging above $4 in many areas, removing the tax could result in significant savings. Maryland dropped $0.36 per gallon just from the tax halt. The federal tax accounts for about $0.18 on the cost of each gallon of gasoline. Do you think pausing taxes while fuel costs are so high is a good temporary solution for Americans?

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