Republican Projected to Flip House Seat in Texas Race

Republican Projected to Flip House Seat in Texas Race

Democrat Seat Is Flipping RED – After All This Time!

( – A special election on June 14 in South Texas marked a huge win for Republicans, with Mayra Flores projected to win the US House of Representatives seat for the 34th Congressional District. Her victory flips a seat to the GOP after Representative Filemon Vela (D) resigned in March.

Flores was up against Democrat Dan Sanchez in a close race. She won 50.98% of the vote to Sanchez’s 43.33% in the historically blue district, according to unofficial results. The victory makes Flores the first Mexican-born woman to serve in the US House.

In a statement to Fox News, the newly elected congresswoman thanked God for the chance to serve the people. She also expressed her gratitude to her family and the voters who put their trust in her ability to represent them in Washington. She said she will fight for “conservative values of faith, family, and freedom.”

Sanchez had the support of former Representative Vela, but Flores had the backing of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and managed to spend much more on her campaign. The former healthcare worker also gained the support of Right to Life, which is influential among Hispanic voters in the area.

Flores will finish out Vela’s term, which means she only holds the seat until January. Still, the GOP sees this development as an opportunity to turn South Texas red.

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