Republican Leaders Sign Urgent Message To Joe Biden

Republican Leaders Sign Urgent Message To Joe Biden

( – The border crisis is once again in the news after a large influx of immigrants made its way into Del Rio, Texas. The vast crowd caused a range of concerns for officials and strained law enforcement services within the area. It’s also pushing governors to demand President Joe Biden take action.

All Republican governors except Phil Scott (R-VT) signed a letter first penned by Governor’s Doug Ducey (AZ) and Greg Abbott (TX) on September 20.

State leaders want the Biden administration to stop enabling poor border control enforcement, which they say threatens national security.

The message also accused Biden of standing by during a sharp uptick in criminal activity, including drug and human trafficking. This failure to respond jeopardizes public health. Thus, the administration’s inaction directly contributes to the crisis.

The letter claims border patrol reports show apprehensions rose by a shocking 500% in 2020. Furthermore, the overall increase in fentanyl seizures is higher than the total from the last three years combined.

Governor Abbott sent a separate letter asking the president to declare a national emergency in his state due to the Del Rio situation. He worries high temperatures and a general lack of supplies may threaten immigrant health. Abbott is also concerned about state residents who face heightened crime and property destruction as a result of the influx.

The Biden Administration says officials have the right to expel migrants who come here illegally. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also confirmed the border is not, in fact, open. He continues to encourage people to stay out of the US.

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