Pro-Trump Group Criticizes Biden in TV Ad

Pro-Trump Group Criticizes Biden in TV Ad

( – America’s military departure from Afghanistan suffered from struggles from day one. This debacle upset people on both sides of the aisle, who felt President Joe Biden mishandled the entire process. The Great American PAC, however, took action by sharing their sentiments on national television.

The PAC and the Commercial

The Great American PAC, which identifies as a “premiere pro-Trump Super PAC” on their Facebook page, aired a television commercial on September 13. The video blasts President Biden for alleged blunders in Afghanistan over recent months.

In the intense commercial, spokesperson and Marine veteran Chad Robichaux says he thought he was fighting for a good cause during his time in the Middle East. He accuses Biden of abandoning Americans and pandering to the Taliban.

Robichaux also takes a moment to address the President directly, asking him a simple but incredibly direct question: what was the point in it all?

The names of 13 soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice during the August 26 evacuation slowly roll down the screen as the Marine speaks. A powerful image of Biden turning and walking away from the camera drives the point home.

The Great America PAC has reportedly spent over $50 million supporting the former president and furthering his political career since 2016. The group says its promotion aims to get Trump-supporting candidates into offices around the country at all levels in 2022. It also seeks to thwart the Biden Administration’s agenda.

Not the First Time

The Save America PAC, which also supports Trump, released a commercial targeting President Biden several weeks before Great America PAC took action. Their “Failure” ad used video clips and photos of the 46th president to point out his weaknesses. While it remains on Donald Trump’s website, it ran publicly for just a short time. This left many Republicans wondering if it foreshadowed a Trump run in 2024.

Ulterior motives aside, one fact is clear: these groups are hitting Biden hard for what they see as failures in Afghanistan, including our apparent inability to ensure the safe removal of all Americans and allies behind enemy lines. The ads drive home the idea that the only way to fight the current administration’s decisions is to make smart judgments in the 2022 midterm elections. These PACs feel the best way to do that is to put pro-Trump candidates in office.

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