Police Officer Killed After Responding to Alleged Crime

Police Officer Killed After Responding to Alleged Crime

(USNewsBreak.com) – Police officers have a dangerous job. They put their lives on the line every day they suit up and go to work. They never know what their shift will bring, and sometimes, they fail to make it home. That’s what recently happened in a tragic incident in Kansas after an assailant shot an officer while he was on duty.

On the morning of Sunday, August 7, Fairway Police Officer Jonah Oswald responded to a call about a suspected car theft. Law enforcement quickly raced to the scene and then chased the fleeing car to a convenience store, where two suspects in the vehicle ran inside.

In the ensuing standoff and subsequent shootout, a bullet struck Officer Oswald. First responders raced him to the hospital, but sadly, he died the next day. He passed away with his friends and family surrounding him. He was 29.

The Buckner Police Department, where Oswald previously worked, posted a Facebook tribute in his honor. They said he was a “very optimistic person and didn’t know how to have a bad day.” According to the Kansas City Star, his former partner, Kaitlyn Lauritsen, had nothing but good things to say about Oswald, including that he had “an amazing personality” and such a positive impact on the community. Lauritsen illustrated her point with a story, saying that when the news of his death broke, a woman reached out to her and told her how Oswald had helped her and her husband get sober to care for their child properly. They had hoped to introduce their child to Oswald one day.

A male suspect, Shannon Wayne Marshall, 40, also died in the shootout. Authorities arrested and charged the other suspect, Andrea Rane Cothrane, 32, with aggravated assault. Police also tacked on additional charges, including reckless fleeing of law enforcement, reckless driving, and felony theft. The court set her bond at $1 million.

Oswald, the first Fairway police officer killed in the line of duty, leaves behind his wife and two children.

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