Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Receives Sentence

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Receives Sentence

(USNewsBreak.com) – Robert Bowers, then 46-year-old, walked into the synagogue with several weapons and opened fire on October 27, 2018, while members were observing the Sabbath. At the end of his murderous spree, he’d killed 11 people and injured six others, including four police officers. Prosecutors charged Bowers with 63 federal crimes, including 11 hate crimes — and a jury recently decided his fate.

On Wednesday, August 2, during his trial’s third and final phase, District Judge Robert J. Colville required the suspect to stand to hear his verdict. The jury, by a unanimous decision — required for capital punishment in Pennsylvania — sentenced Bowers to death. He didn’t look at the panel while they read the decision. Judge Colville formally entered the sentence the following day.

During the trial, many synagogue members, families of those who died, and Jewish leaders sat in the courtroom. Several even testified about the events of that tragic day and the effect Bowers’ actions had on their lives. Some spoke out at his sentencing, asking if he was “man enough” to look them in the eye now since he didn’t do it throughout the trial. He never looked up.

The defense argued for a life sentence for their client, saying he has mental health issues, but the jury ultimately recommended the death penalty. Crime scene photos show the mayhem he perpetrated that day, and his social media rants on Gab put the nail in the coffin of his sentence.

For months before the trial, he posted anti-Semitic and other hate rants and also liked many memes that others posted, re-sharing some of them himself. Troy Rivetti, a federal prosecutor, said Bowers’ mind was “filled with hate and common white-supremacist and antisemitic tropes,” according to The Washington Post.

Bowers’ legal troubles aren’t over yet. He’s still facing 36 state counts, including 11 murder charges. He and his legal team will also likely appeal the federal conviction.

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