Nurse Who Was Kidnapped in Haiti Finally Released

Nurse Who Was Kidnapped in Haiti Finally Released

( – Haiti has experienced a lot of political upheaval and violence, nearly devolving to a constant state of turmoil, since the assassination of President Jovenel Mo├»se in 2021. Previously held at bay by a vigilante movement known as Bwa Kale, gangs have recently started gaining a stronger foothold. In late July, criminals kidnapped an American nurse and her daughter from an El Roi Haiti clinic, with their captors demanding $1 million in ransom. In a turn of good news, the kidnappers recently released the two.

The Kidnapping

Haiti is no stranger to kidnappings. According to statistics from a Haiti human rights organization, Centre d’Analyse et de Recherche en Droits de l’Homme (CARDH), as of August 1, more than 500 kidnappings had occurred in the small nation. Researchers suspect this number is a lot higher.

Alix Dorsainvil is a New Hampshire native working as a nurse with a Christian organization founded by her husband in the country to provide education, medical care, and basic services to its citizens. She was working in the clinic on July 27 when gang members reportedly burst in and captured her and her daughter. The kidnapping sparked protests, with around 200 citizens in Cite Soleil carrying signs demanding her release because “she is doing good work in the community.”

Haitian officials and the US State Department refused to comment on the disappearance at the time, though El Roi said it was working with authorities in both countries to secure their release.

Both Released

On August 10, El Roi released an update on its blog saying that the abductors had released the nurse and her daughter “healthy and unharmed after 13 days of captivity.” It thanked those who prayed and protested in their names and thanked God for their return.

Although kidnappers demanded $1 million in ransom to release the pair, it’s unclear whether they received any money. The US State Department didn’t release any details about either the demands made or the Dorsainvils’ status, leaving that to the family to disclose.

The kidnapping of Dorsainvil and her daughter was far from the only incident occurring in July. The non-profit Doctors Without Borders suspended operations at one of its hospitals in the country after armed men stormed a hospital and snatched a patient undergoing surgery.

To address the volatile situation in the nation, Kenya’s Foreign Ministry revealed late last month that it had offered to lead a multinational force to help train Haiti’s National Police, so it could bring a sense of normality back to the nation.

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