Nuclear War Could Cause Widespread Starvation, Study Says

Nuclear War Would Cause Widespread Starvation, Study Says

New Study Reveals Top KILLER In Nuclear War – But It’s Not What You Think

( – The last time nuclear weapons fell on a civilian population, the event ended a war. The sheer magnitude of the device also set off an arms race that still rages on, with one principle keeping the delicate cork holding that power from erupting: mutually assured destruction. A new study on the hypothetical effects of a thermonuclear conflict shows what a post-atomic Earth may look like. According to researchers, starvation would kill far more people than the weapons themselves.

The report looks at the global food chain and breaks down the effects of a nuclear engagement by region and the size of the conflict. They use the idea of a small war between India and Pakistan as an example, saying the air would drop the temperature and have severe impacts on agriculture in many areas for years to come. Such a war could lead to the deaths of around 2 billion people due to food insecurity, according to the study.

That scenario seems mild compared to a full-scale global conflict. The horrific outcome of a war between Russia, its allies, and NATO would likely be a dystopian nightmare, according to the study. The study estimates that another five billion would starve as temperatures dropped.

Concerns about nuclear war have long motivated the West to try to denuclearize nations like North Korea and prevent others like Iran from obtaining such weapons. The study seems to reiterate what isn’t exactly a secret: nuclear war would not likely go well for anyone.

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