NATO Defense College Report Delivers Warning About Russia

NATO Defense College Report Delivers Warning About Russia

NATO Experts Release EXPLOSIVE Report – Russia’s Plan Unveiled?

( – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) released the “NATO Defense College Policy Brief 13-22” on July 27. The report outlines findings on the Ukraine conflict, noting Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet deployed his country’s full military ability. The document also claims the Kremlin may be holding back to prepare for an attack on participating nations.

Officials claim the lack of general mobilization on Putin’s part might explain some of the surprising results thus far in the conflict. The report called Russia “the most significant and direct threat” to allies in the Euro-Atlantic region. Yet, the findings noted the poor performance up to now might deter the Kremlin from trying any moves against larger and better-equipped countries under the treaty’s protection.

The report also highlights that the nation is learning from the defeats in Ukraine and is likely to use the information to become more effective in the future. The Russian military could be quick to bounce back from the losses, and the Kremlin doesn’t appear ready to let go of its goal of being victorious.

If Putin becomes bold enough to launch his troops at a NATO nation, and the collective self-defense provision becomes active, then every member must provide the attacked area with the assistance to fight the enemy. But the treaty doesn’t specify nations must respond by becoming directly involved in the conflict. Sending US troops would be the sole decision of Congress.

What are your thoughts on this developing idea that Russia could go after other countries?

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