Mystery Deepens After Doctor Is Found Dead in Lake

Doctor Found Dead in Lake in Mystery Incident

( – On May 21, an emergency room physician ended his shift at work, texted his fiancée that he would see her in a little while, and then simply disappeared. What happened next is a mystery, but the doctor’s body was later found floating in an Arkansas lake. His family, seeking answers, is frustrated with law enforcement, which they say is holding out on them.

When Dr. John Forsyth was found dead in Beaver Lake in the Ozarks, it was clear he had been shot. Authorities who are investigating the incident have reportedly been slow to provide any further information to his family. Police spoke with the deceased’s brother, Richard Forsyth, for two hours on June 6, but he says they revealed next to nothing to him.

Video footage shows two vehicles — a white SUV and a dark-colored sedan — pulling up into the parking lot, which was located approximately a mile from the hospital where Forsyth worked. A figure determined to be Forsyth was seen walking several minutes later, but that was the last time anyone saw him. The doctor’s car was later found hidden, and all of his personal possessions were either in the car or his RV.

To further add to the ongoing mystery, Forsyth once reportedly told his family that he felt his life was in danger. It also came to light that he was previously kidnapped in 2022, though the events surrounding that remain mysterious as well.

Forsyth was reportedly involved in cryptocurrency and said to be a millionaire. He finalized a divorce in May and had agreed to pay nearly $20,000 per month in child support for the seven children he shared with his ex-wife.

Authorities are not revealing the location of the gunshot wound or whether they’re considering his death to be a suicide.

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