Missing Person Has Been Living With Mother Since Disappearance, Police Say

Missing Person Found 8 Years Later

(USNewsBreak.com) – According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, as many as 600,000 people go missing annually. Authorities eventually find many, but there are always too many cases that go unsolved. Sometimes, it can take years for investigators to locate a missing person, and sometimes, pure chance facilitates their discovery. However, recent reports indicate one missing person was closer than anyone expected.

In March 2015, Rudolph Farias IV, known as Rudy, was reported missing after he took the family dogs on a walk in Houston, Texas. His family insisted this wasn’t a case of a teen running away from home. In a 2016 interview, Farias’ mother spoke to KHOU 11 and said her son “has such a huge heart” and “wouldn’t just get up and go on his own.” His mother also reported that the teen had suffered from mental health issues at the time and had previously tried to commit suicide.

The trail went cold for a few years after that. In 2018, authorities thought they might have a lead. A caller said he found Farias sleeping in a family member’s yard. Unfortunately, when investigators arrived on the scene, he wasn’t there. Now, there’s been another break in the case.

On June 29, a Good Samaritan called 911 to report someone was unresponsive on the steps of a Houston church. Police took the person to the hospital, where authorities identified him as Rudy Farias, the missing teen from 2015. He’s now 25 years old.

Reports from earlier in the week indicated Farias wasn’t doing well. Authorities found him covered in bruises and cuts. His mother gave a statement saying she believed someone beat her son. She also updated the media on his status on July 3. As of that day, she said he was “nonverbal and not able to communicate.”

Police held a news conference on July 6, where they revealed they believe Farias has actually been living with his mother in the years since he was reported missing. Apparently, Farias even spoke to officers during the time they were looking for him, and used fake information to keep them off the trail. Authorities said they interviewed Farias and his mother on July 5, where it was revealed that he has been willingly staying with her.

The investigation of the case is ongoing, and no other information about why the two misled police.

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