Mike Pence Sidesteps Question About Whether He Would Pardon Trump

Mike Pence Sidesteps Question About Whether He Would Pardon Trump

(USNewsBreak.com) – For months, speculations have grown over whether former Vice President Mike Pence would toss his name in the ring for president. He put those questions to rest when he officially filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission on Monday, June 5. Since then, he’s been making the media rounds and is facing tough questions — including one he’s been sidestepping.

During a CNN Town Hall session on Wednesday, June 7, journalist Dana Bash took the chance to ask Pence some hard-hitting questions. One of those was whether, if he were elected to office, he would pardon former President Donald Trump. At first, he skirted the question, saying he didn’t “want to speak about hypotheticals,” according to Mediaite. He then said he believed he had a fighting chance at making it to the White House.

Bash wouldn’t let it go, pushing Pence once again by asking if he did get elected, would that be on his list of things to do? The former vice president responded by calling the reporter “as persistent as ever” and sidestepping the inquiry once again. Rather, he focused on telling Bash that Americans are facing “real issues,” and he’d rather discuss “the failed policies of the Biden administration.”

Pence isn’t brushing the allegations against the former president under the rug, however. He made clear that he believes “no one’s above the law,” but doesn’t think indicting Trump is the right move because it’s bound to be “very divisive.” However, he has also implied recently that he doesn’t believe Trump should be President again in the future, as recorded in the clip below.

On the evening of June 8, the news broke that a grand jury did, in fact, indict Trump. The next day, the indictment was unsealed and revealed that the former president is now facing 37 counts of various charges related to the classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago home. They include 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information and a single count of conspiracy to obstruct justice. Many Republicans jumped to his defense and blasted the Department of Justice for what it calls “weaponization” and a politically motivated move.

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